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The days of struggling with a tangled vacuum hose, bent telescoping pole, and worn vacuum head are becoming a thing of the past with the transformation and technological advances of robot pool cleaners.  If you have a return side cleaner that attaches to your pool wall and utilizes a special booster pump, you can say goodbye to that antique technology too.  Robot cleaners are taking over the chore of cleaning your pool and doing a pretty darn good job of it.  The problem: There are too many options to choose from.  So, let us help you make an informed decision on the best cleaner for you!

We’ve done the research, and evaluated the different brands and models to determine which ones perform the best.  Ultimately it comes down to quality, dependability, features and options, and warranty.  Options range from pool type and size, cleaning cycles and modes, number and type of cleaning brushes, filtration, WIFI connectivity, additional accessories, and warranty.  There are so many options available between different brands, models, and prices that it can be nearly impossible to choose a cleaner without doing extensive, mind numbing research, or as one customer put it “analysis paralysis”.  

At Water Works Pool & Spa Service, we found the Dolphin Active series by Maytronics checks all of the boxes and has a model available for every pool and budget.  The Dolphin Active line includes some of the features we’ve found to be the most valuable, making the ease of operation a breeze.  The top loading, multi-stage filter basket makes cleaning your Dolphin simple and quick.  The patented swivel technology of the cable prevents tangling and ensures complete pool coverage without the headaches.  And the CleverClean™ Smart Navigation technology provides the most efficient way to clean your pool, including floors, walls, and waterline.  If connectivity is your thing, the Active 30, 40, and 60 include the MyDolphin Plus, Wi-Fi App to program a weekly schedule and cycle selector, and the Active 40 and Active 60 also include a full filter indicator, pick me up feature, and a manual drive control option through your smartphone or tablet.  Most units also include a caddy, and provide a 2 or 3 year warranty.  

Let Water Works Pool & Spa Service help determine the right robot pool cleaner for you.  We offer competitive pricing, and DEMO units!  Want to try a model before you buy?  Let us provide you any Dolphin Active series robot cleaner of your choice and leave it for you to see how it performs in your pool.  If you’re completely satisfied, and we think you will be, we will exchange our demonstration model for a brand-new unit.  It’s that easy!  Call, text, email, or CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A REQUEST FORM today.  We know you’ll love your new Dolphin!

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