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With one of the most impactful pandemics in modern history hopefully concluding, a person can only reflect on the past couple years. Most of us, in one way or another, have been affected by COVID-19. Water Works Pool & Spa Service and our industry are no exception.

It turns out COVID-19 has driven businesses in the pool and spa industry up and as a result, we have had one of the busiest periods in recent decades. Because of restrictions across the country and with more families working and studying from home, backyards have become the private oasis that allowed for the required social distancing and safety protocols of COVID-19. Homeowners had more expendable money available to enhance their backyards, installing new decks, fences, outdoor kitchens, pools, and hot tubs, among other luxuries.

It certainly hasn’t been all roses though, and along with growth come challenges. COVID-19 outbreaks have diminished manufacturing production globally, and suddenly the products we were accustomed to having readily available became scarce and prices have skyrocketed. Directly related to our industry, natural disasters across the country have also reduced availability of certain products, including chlorine and related chemicals, and many plastic goods. Reduced product availability has contributed to long lead times and indefinite shortages.

Higher demand for swimming pools and hot tubs and all of the related products and parts used to make or complete a pool project or build a hot tub, and also combined with the supply chain shortages, have resulted in a mess for the past two years. As a business, it has been a huge challenge to acquire all of the needed goods and supplies, and we often have to project future sales and pre-purchase larger amounts of equipment and chemicals with the hopes of having the goods when we need them because we don’t know if or when we might be able to get them again. It has put a strain on cash flow and hampered some of our ability to grow as a business. But these challenges aren’t new, it’s just something we need to recognize and adapt to.

At Water Works Pool & Spa Service, we have made many changes to adapt to the challenging new economy. Our mission has always been to provide exceptional quality and customer service. Recognizing the increased demand for our services, we have expanded our staff and facilities. We have the inventory and commitments from our suppliers to make it through the supply challenges, and we’ve worked tirelessly to set ourselves up for success and ensure that we are here for you when you need us to be.

We would like to thank all of our customers, vendors, and suppliers for their support and cooperation over the past couple of years to overcome these challenges. We may not be out of the weeds yet, but I think this pandemic has certainly taught us a lot about each other and how to work together to achieve our goals. Thank you, be safe, and best wishes to you and your family!!


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